Graham Mourie

Graham Mourie is a dairy farmer from Taranaki, he was a celebrated All Black captain, and is a current member of the NZRU board. Graham is an inspirational leader both on and off the field.

In 1998, Graham was appointed to head coach of the Wellington Lions; this appointment prompted the Mourie family to move from Taranaki to Porirua. The Mouries readily settled into the Porirua lifestyle, enjoying the outdoor recreation activities, attending local schools and joining in the local sports scene.
Graham considers Porirua to be a stellar example of life in New Zealand, he says, “it has a vibrant urban life, is rich in recreational opportunity and it has a diverse multicultural mix of peoples”.  He would like to see Porirua continue to develop fantastic parks and public places and offer top class facilities for sports, recreation, arts and culture.  Graham is drawn to the work of the Porirua Foundation, of which, he says, “we all have a responsibility to leave behind a better place”.