Leisure & Recreation Projects

The Porirua Foundation is built upon a strong and positive record of supporting a wide range of community initiatives and projects. Whilst continuing to make disbursements to other community causes, the Foundation chooses to concentrate fundraising efforts towards one major project at a time. Substantial funds have been raised for art and culture, leisure, recreation and sporting facilities.

Arena Aquatics Centre
(completed 1999)

The Arena Aquatics Centre is housed within the Te Rauparaha Arena complex; opened in 1999, refurbished in 2008, this multi-pool aquatic centre is valued by the community as a recreational facility and as a meeting place. It forms an important feature in the leisure and recreation landscape of Porirua.

Te Rauparaha Arena
(completed 2008)

Te Rauparaha Arena is a regional sports and events facility which is located in the cultural hub of Porirua, next to Pataka Museum of Arts and Culture. The Arena opened in November 2008 and events held so far include gala dinners, international and national sporting events such as the Oceania World Qualifying Volleyball Championships, the Porirua Sports Awards, the Home, Living and Leisure Show, and the Wedding and Bridal Expo.