Investment Policy

Investment Policy

  Our Key Values

  1. Trustees believe that their first responsibility is to donors who have worked hard to build assets which have been bequeathed to our community.
  2. With this in mind Trustees have committed to an investment policy that will maintain the confidence of both donors and our community.
  3. We do not intend to put your assets at risk.
  4. We undertake to place a key priority on maintaining the capital value of your donation.
  5. We undertake to consult with donors (and donor representatives) and seek their approval before changing our investment policies.

  Investment Objectives

  1. Our primary objective is to grow the investment portfolio by encouraging growth in Bequests.
  2. To invest those bequests in a manner that limits the risk of capital loss.
  3. To use professional investment managers who have a proven record in management of Trust funds.
  4. To ensure that Trustees set investment policies then remain at arms length from investment decisions.

  Performance Objectives

  1. To ensure that our investments income protects our funds from the effects of inflation.
  2. To ensure that we do not expose ourselves to international currency fluctuations.

Although these are very conservative investment policies it is our belief that our management of funds is that of a custodial role and that this is appropriate until we have established a substantial fund base.