Individual Giving

Living Giving: Donation/Koha

  • ‘Living-Giving’ builds a tradition of philanthropy and generosity in your family.
  • Make donation/koha to particular projects or specific Funds during your lifetime and/or
  • Establish a Named Endowment Fund, to which your contributions are added.
  • Sponsorship of the Porirua Foundation through the Supporters Club.

In Your Will

  • Bequest/Endowment Leaving a gift to the Porirua Foundation in your will.

    • A specific amount or
      • a percentage of your estate;
      • a specific asset such as a house / farm / business / shares / investments.
    • Named Endowment Funds
      • establish a fund now, contribute over time, and make provision in your will.


  • Give any amount to a charitable cause, special interest area or to a Named Endowment Fund.

  • A means by which you can provide support for your community immediately.


  • Private trusts elect to partner with the Porirua Foundation, the advantages of partnering are many:

    • Sharing the responsibility of managing funds and administering grants.
    • Succession planning - continuous and consistent leadership.
    • Expert opinion on making investments and disbursements from the Fund.

Syndicate Giving

  • Get a group of friends together, select a cause or project that matters to your group, set a donation target and then get to work with creative ideas for raising funds.

  • The Porirua Foundation administers your donations on behalf of your chosen charitable cause.

  • This is a marvellous way of bonding with your peers whilst making a contribution to our community.

In Kind

  • Perhaps you can provide the Foundation with services that will assist us with our operations, or you may be able to offer one or more of the charities we support some assistance with a donation 'in kind' for example, printing, web design/hosting, marketing or staff training.

Tax Information

  • Click here for information on tax deductions

Commit Now 
Make a commitment to give to a better brighter Porirua - complete a donor, bequest or auto-pay form and send it us.