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Enhanced Benefits for Recipients

  • Economies of Scale
    • The annual returns from the Porirua Foundation are likely to be higher than most charities could achieve because of economies of scale in terms of the investment. As the capital funds increase so too will proceeds of investment thereby allowing for a greater number and variety of causes to be supported.
  • Planning Ahead
    • Specific bequests left to the stewardship of the Porirua Foundation benefit their chosen charity in several ways: The charity will know that this is a permanent source of income and can plan accordingly. The charity will not have to record the capital as part of its assets and this capital will therefore be ‘off balance sheet’.
Sports at the Te Rauparaha Arena Pukerua Bay Aquatics Centre Pataka Museum of Arts and Culture

Our Strong Performance in the Community
The Porirua Foundation is built upon a strong and positive record of supporting a wide range of community initiatives and projects. Whilst continuing to make disbursements to other community causes, the Foundation chooses to concentrate fundraising efforts towards one major project at a time. Substantial funds have been raised for art and culture, leisure, recreation and sporting facilities.  

How Much of Your Gift Reaches the Community?
It is our policy that donation capital remains intact; 100% of your donation will be utilised for the betterment of the community and supporting charitable causes. The first 1% of interest earned on investment will be deducted annually to cover administration costs. Some donors may wish to have a high degree of input into the distribution of grants, whereas others may wish to leave grant making to the discretion of the Porirua Foundation. The Porirua Foundation works with donors and their advisers to achieve desired charitable outcomes.    

Commit Now
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